The Zafu takes pressure off of her hip joints, and tilts her pelvis for easier upright sitting.
The handle is handy!
Meditation Cushions
Provide comfortable, supportive height for
meditation and breathing exercises.

Zafus provide a supportive lift for upright sitting (not that those 40-minute sitting sessions will be easy, but at least you'll look serious). Our Zafus have gripping handles, and beautifully gusseted sides (see image lower left). They're filled with kapok, a resilient, lightweight natural fiber derived from kapok tree bark. Indeed, kapok is so light that people used to stuff life vests with it. Surely the Zafu is a sound investment: if you give up meditation, you can use it on your next canoe trip.
16" diameter x 6" loft.
Black only.

Zabutons are sitting cushions. They provide extra padding for your knees and insulation from cool floors. We fill our Zabutons with 100% cotton batting, and cover them with sumptuous heavy cotton twill. They're lovely to touch, and they make you feel like you're sitting on a cloud. Together, the Zafu and Zabuton help make prolonged sitting comfortable.

30" x  28" x 4".
Black only.

Our Zafus & Zabutons are made with natural fibers only. These items harbor no plastics or synthetics of any kind.
The Zabuton is the large cushion under the Zafu. It pads her knees and insulates her body from cool floors.

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