Shoulderstand Bench
Supports you in Shoulderstand; creates inverted traction;
relieves low back, neck, and shoulder tension.

Our Shoulderstand Bench helps you do the Shoulderstand with only 20% of your weight on your neck and shoulders. The Bench lifts your body so that you hang from your thighs, as gravity pulls your spine into traction. As the Shoulderstand Bench lifts you, the back of your head rotates toward your spine, easing strain on your neck muscles.

A supported Shoulderstand will ease many kinds of back, neck, and shoulder tension. The pose creates a deep stretch of your spinal, chest, neck, and shoulder muscles, while resting your abdominal organs from gravity's continual pull.

The Shoulderstand Bench comes with removable height-adjusters that elevate it 2", so it accommadates people of different sizes (see top three left photos).

Our Shoulderstand Bench is built of solid mahogany, and features dovetail joinery for durability and beauty. The Bench is carefully sanded, then finished with a natural plant-based protective polish. The Shoulderstand Bench Usage Guide is included. Please note: This Bench works well with our Shoulderstand Lift.

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Shoulderstand Bench: $395